B care- for mixed to dry skin

Moisturizing cream


Moisturizing cream for mix to dry skin

A soft and calming moisturizing cream for the skin that is suitable for daily use for mixed to dry skin.
Enriched in extract from lithospermum root that contributes to calming the skin and gives it a natural pink complexion. Enriched in vitamin E for reducing the oxidation damage of the free radicals.
Rejuvenates dry skin and is a base for professional makeup preparations.


Moisturizing cream for normal to oily skin

Gentle moisturizing cream for normal to oily skin.
Enriched in select moisture ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and natural aloe Vera juice that contributes to calming the skin.
Natural oils (jojoba oil, squalene) keep the skin’s softness.
Contains vitamin E for protection from oxidation.
The preparation spreads easily on the skin and can be used as an excellent base for professional makeup preparations

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