After 20 years of experience in the field of beauty and in-depth research about the standards and qualities of professional makeup products, makeup artist Yossi Bitton has developed the professional line of makeup products B COSMIC out of an understanding that there is a direct link between the quality of the products and the result of the makeup creation.
Over the past few years Yossi Bitton has formed close contacts with leading chemists and makeup producers in the world and has developed with them exclusive formulas, textures and innovative shades.
These unique products are suitable for the characteristics of the skin and contribute to its care.

While developing the line a special emphasis was put on incorporating natural ingredients – plant extracts and aromatherapeutic oils that also have an effect of healing energy to the soul. The shades and the “sub-shades” of the line were selected after an in-depth research in color psychology and testing the effect they have on the human soul, out of a purpose of improving the personal balance and creating a synchronized internal and external harmony.

The professional makeup products from the B COSMIC line enable preserving a smooth and unified look over time.
They have a lightweight texture, are rich in moisture and vegetable oils, blend in well with the facial skin and provide perfect coverage.
The products contain organic, effective and essential ingredients that contribute to the skin’s rejuvenation and care and are marketed in a package that ensures maximal hygiene.

The products have been developed especially for the Israeli climate and ensure high protection from dryness and long lasting durability in high temperatures.
All the products have been tested in advanced cosmetics labs according to the strictest standards and have been approved for use by ministries of health in Israel and abroad.
All the ingredients have not been tested on animals.

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