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A new innovative primer which gives  lifting ,immediate and Continuous effect to the skin.

specially developed to give the skin a smooth and tight appearance, helps with reducing wrinkles, provides spreading makeup esasily and get the perfect makeup for many hours. 

contains certain materials such as SYN AKE - peptid and SYN TACKS which work for improving the solidification, flexibility and the lifting effect of the skin. 

ALLANTOIN- relieve and softens the skin, reduces irritation reaction and help with preventio allergic reactions. 

Provides the skin moisture and and help for the renewal of skin cells. 

Avocado oil- natural and nutritious oil with variety of vitamins and prevents evaporation of moist from the skin, excellent fo dry and stimulated skin.

Hyaluronic acid- helps with intensiying the strength and slexibility of the skin and reducing wrinkles. 
hohova oil- contains high concentration  of Essential fatty acids and minerals. Helps with softening and nourishing the skin. 
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